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About Ford
Ford was born and raised in the small New Mexico community of Pinon. He is a self taught woodworker, constantly learning and expanding hi skills. 
Ford is an active member in his church, husband, and father to two young children. 
About the Business

Little Water Woodworks is a small family owned business. Ford designs each custom project, as well as, crafting each unique piece from start to finish. Ashley, Fords wife, helps with book keeping, finishing, and installing when necessary. Their two children, Ranger, and Shelby, help with shop clean- up, cartoon watching, and occasionally show up at installs to help carry in tools. We love that we are blessed to work together as a family. 

Fabulous Family Photo 

in the works!!! 

How we do business

At Little Water Woodworks we value our clients. We value handmade quality craftsmanship. We value honesty, integrity, and accountability. That is why we strive to deliver the highest quality product possible. We take pride in each project and have a passion for designing and building custom cabinetry and furniture. 

Each new project begins with a consultation between the client and Ford. Once Ford has met with the client, seen the space, and taken measurements, he can begin to design the project. 

Once a design has been drawn up and a quote has been prepared, Ford will meet with the client for a second time to go over the design and quote. At this point if the client accepts the design and quote the project is officially added to the job schedule.

Once Ford is ready to begin a new project, he goes over the design for a final time, double checks all measurements and purchases materials. We use high quality woods, hinges, and hardware. We require a 50% deposit to begin production of each project. 

The final stage of each product is delivery and installation. Ford, often assisted by Ashley (or his brother Givin when more strength is needed) personally delivers and installs each item. After the installation we love to take artsy photos of the finished product, and we ask willing customers to write testimonials for us. 

Again for us the most important thing is that we build and deliver high quality hand crafted items. We work hard to ensure that each project meets the specific needs of each client. We appreciate the opportunity to help you make your house into your dream home. We look forward to working with you and your family. 

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